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Robyn folco at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 28 02:39:11 BST 2005

> I was just doing some reading from two articles
> from the Homœopathic Recorder in 1943 and 1947.
> Fred Morgan, MD having  discussion with Allan
> Sutherland, MD, Edward Whitmont, Arthur Grimmer, MD,
> Thomas K. Moore, MD, Akron, Martha
> Boger-Shattuck, MD, Joseph Kaplowe, MD, D. M. Campbell, MD,
> and Charles A. Dixon, MD
> concerning the use of Feldspar for glandular fever
> the article mentions Masie Panos getting it from E&K (Ehrhart & Karl )
> I find no provings or MM, can't find any pharmacy that carries it.
> anyone have any information on Feldspath Quadratique
> Aluminosilicate of calcium and sodium with Cl, C and S.........
> which is different from alumina silica (Kaolin)
> Lynn

****Hi Lynn

Feldspar is used in Lithotherapy, which uses gems and minerals for their
physical effects and are not their proven effects --- and are not proven
(even though some may have provings, this is not the source for treatments.)

Quadratic Feldspars seems to be the potassium based ones, as opposed to the
ones made up of Calc and Sodium. These are known as the K-Feldspars.

Dolisos sells it --- here is the link


Bouko-Levy in his Homeopathic and Drainage Rep has this for your interest:

one dose, daily  :
 evening : DIOPSIDE D8
 See : ageing, ankle, arthritis, back, coccyx, fatigue, fingers, headache,
heel, hip, knee, lumbago, menopause, nodes, osteoporosis, pains,
rheumatisms, shoulder, since, torticollis, trauma, urination.


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